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Julia Pigali

By kohonnes

„You can come to me with a nightmare full of tears or a hurracane full of joy, I am the ocean you wanna crush into when your emotions float high.“

Julia Pigali is a singer-songwriter from born and raised in Barcelona who has found her sound in her chosen home of Berlin, where she started playing in bars and on the streets. Accompanied by her Guitar and a loop-station, she developed different sounds throughout the genres of singer songwriting, indie-rock, jazz and blues. Her performance is always very vivid and full of ups and downs, mellow and dark, sweet and surprising. This pure joy of playing live is evident in her music. What really makes up her sound is her voice, effortlessly seducing, passionate and powerful.

In 2020 she started working with „The Signori“ as three new members that form her powerful band. With them she recorded her last album „Black Olives“, a chant for freedom that they perform with a unique and beautiful nostalgic sound.